Recovering Americans to Funding Support So That They Can Access Basic Health Access Primary Care

Robert C. Bowman, M.D.    

This web site will not belabor the need to return lower and middle income Americans to the financial access to basic health care that they must have. But there are requirements for the funding design that must be met. These include enough funding, a design for health care that implements basic health access at the local level that is designed for the needs of local populations, a design that avoids loss leader primary care with the real purpose to funnel patients into systems dominated by hospital and specialty influences without the proper primary care, secondary care, tertiary care balance.

Five Periods of Health Policy and Physician Career Choice When policy works for primary care and for people most dependent upon primary care, health policy works for basic access to health. The United States quadrupled primary care numbers from 1970 to 1980. This was not enough however. Without improvement in lower and middle income population access to health, the primary care produced would have stacked into the top concentrations of health resources found in few zip codes. By broadening eligibility and coverage in the 1970s and in the 1990s, the US supported broader distribution of primary care and the family practice career choice mosts closely associated with lower and middle income populations. The family practice form remains the only specialty choice for MD, DO, NP, and PA that results in distribution according to the population. Health policy has been the primary influence upon career choice and health policy has been the primary influence regarding physician distribution. Career choice decisions are tracked by class year for the past 40 years. The US has been able to distribute physicians but is making other choices. 

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Producing Doctors for Seniors: Brave Legislators Needed to Support Health Care That Will Meet the Needs of Senior Citizens The studies are conclusive. The United States fails to produce doctors that will locate practices in locations where older Americans are found. About 70% of seniors are found in zip codes with only 20 - 25% of physicians. While health care legislation is often controversial. Without a change, seniors will not have the types of health care most needed. 

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