Theme Confirmation: Lower Probability of Admission Is Associated with Higher Probability of Most Needed Health Access

The physicians that have more normal origins have the most difficulty gaining admission. They also have the highest probability of family practice, primary care, rural, and underserved career choices. The physicians with the most exclusive origins have the highest probabilty of admission. The most exclusive have the lowest health access career choices. Visual and other confirmations are provided in a number of dimensions.

Overall Tables at Admission and Distribution  Including Race, Ethnicity, Geographic Origins and Most Needed Health Access

Birth Origins Confirmation Graphics    Family Practice      Rural Practice      Underserved Practice  

Tables Comparing Multiple Careers to Birth Origins

Older Graduates and Most Needed Health Access for family practice, primary care, rural, underserved, psychiatry careers

Physician Distribution by Concentration Tables

Framework of Experiential Place Table      

Exclusivity Index Tables Regarding Exclusive Origins, Careers, Medical Schools, and Locations

County Level Probability of Medical School Admission: Distances and Differences

Who Fits the Pattern - DNA Pattern Matching Is Popular - Physicians were coded by birth origin county income level and school MCAT to illustrate the higher income origins of the graduates of the most exclusive medical schools and those who choose the exclusive careers.

Rural Workforce Changes Based on Changing Origins and Career Choices